Friday, February 26, 2016

Finally - a door

So after an eon of questing we finally made it to a door that would lead to the place that was responsible for all of this mess, all of this destruction, the source of those infernal chains from the sky, and all that incessant demon spawning. Can't really remember much after that. We opened the door, went in - it was all over in a few minutes - not quite sure why we bothered posing for this photo. Seems kind of pointless now. Oh well, there's always another poor sod who wants you travel down to some shop at the bottom of a dungeon to pick up some rare cheese for him - life's never dull around here.

Tips on how to park your horse

Not like this.

The Sturnim fancy dress party

So we probably shouldn't have stood on that!

My legs now make a creaky clanky noises as I run.