Sunday, July 12, 2015

I wonder if it will be friends with me?

History never repeats.
Craig has, over the years, developed this special "skill" of being able to get offside with the locals.
It all started back in NeverWinter Nights 2002, whilst visiting a large town, in a rather tough part of the world. We were novice adventurers, ill-prepared, and desperately needed to rest up, restock before heading back into the wilds. In the middle of the town square, was a large benevolent gold dragon. Let's just say they don't take kindly to having their pockets picked, nor did the townspeople react favorably to having their guardian being angered. We had to flee that town - never to return.
(I think we may have all later died of starvation, due to poor equipment and provisions - my memory is a little fuzzy)

I don't known what Craig has done here (pictured above), but the villagers all seem to want a piece of him.

(I wish I had taken a picture of that Gold Dragon - whilst he was still friendly.)

With all this technology we can't get lost...

Map reading is a dying art, as is knowing the points of a compass.

Here's me reading the map, I love maps, I love working out where to go, and how to get there.
There may be impassable obstacles, dangerous encounters, or loot laden locations, or shops to cash in the loot you already have, so you need to plot a considered course... "Where did everyone go?"