Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fight Fight

Watching the beasties knock the stuffing out of each other, leaving us to clean up the victors :)

Oh, and my machine blue screened, before we completed the aforementioned mission, and so no I didn't get to complete it

All bow before the great Frog

The frog was not in, but we don't need no stink'n frog, now that Dave has the Prima strategy guide - what could go wrong...

Getting Pling'd up before heading out

Will I ever get the bonus mission I wonder?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Magic piss

D'Alessio Seaboard - watching the beasties die.

Revitalizing Bergen Hot Springs

After getting dirty with the Grim Reaper, why not take a dip in the health springs. Unfortunately some invisible force prevents you from actually getting down to the water - possibly a child safety feature.

Lion's Arch cakewalk

Resting after a long journey.
Cup of Tea anyone?

Soon followed by the ritual failure. The Senate enquiry's terms of reference is still being worked out for this one. Craig, Dave you may be called to submit evidence.

Gates of Kryta

Well for once we are all in a straight line, and at the ready with weapons drawn

Unlike here, where we appear to just swan around all day working on our tan. Nice day for a picnic, Champagne anyone? I heard there was a war on somewhere - dreadful business, don't you think, oh, pass the caviar would you.

Nude day at Beacon's Perch

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Falling off the perch

Last time we follow Dave's directions!

Frost Gate - Bonus Schmonus

Frost Gate at last - will we ever get that bonus mission?
Letting our hair down - before pushing on to Beacon's Perch

GuildWars - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Stairway to heaven - Gaz finds a secret way!

The Torps Guild - Embedded Journalist

As per usual we having trouble getting the team lined up in front of the camera
And there's always one who wants to stand out from the crowd
There's a lot of waiting around before the battle

Monday, September 26, 2005